Transferring a Domain Name to TME Digital

Different Types of Domain Names

TME Solutions support the following two different types of domain:

Nominet (.uk) - -

Top Level Domains (TLD's)

.com - .net - .org - .biz - .info - .mobi - .name - .eu - .tv

Transferring a .uk domain

Firstly, you need to contact your current provider and ask them to change the IPS tag to TMESOLUTIONS. Some providers will do this through a control panel, but others will need a fax, email or letter to carry out the change. Please make sure the tag is all uppercase and no spaces.

Once you have changed the IPS tag, please contact us to let us know so we can complete the transfer

Transferring a TLD domain (eg .com or .net)

For the transfer to take place, we will need you to have access to the email address for the domain's admin contact. If you don't have access to the email address listed, then you will need to change it before the transfer can proceed or have the person with access to it to accept the transfer. Most providers will allow you to do this online, though some will need you to email or fax them.

Please make sure the domain is "unlocked" or "active". If your domain is locked, please contact the current domain registrar to make the necessary changes.

Once you have checked the domain is ready to transfer, please request an authorisation Code (also referred to as an transfer secret or an EPP code). Then, please let us know what the authorisation code is so we can complete the transfer.

Please note: Top Level Domains names that are newer that 60 days or within 7 of entering redemption can not be transferred in or out of TME Solutions


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